New Rap Songs:Tyga:Careless World:Rise of the Last King

Tyga, a mainstream new rap artist that singed to the record label Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records better know as YMCMB hip hop’s hottest record label. After a few years of an independent career an being a underground artist recently released his second studio album dubbed Careless world. Tyga released his debut album in 2008 featuring his cousin Travis McCoy of the Gym class heroes. Did you know Travis McCoy from Gym class heroes was Tyga’s cousin? Who you know will get you into the music business and your new rap songs will determine how long you stay in the business. Tyga began to receive attention after his debut single with Travis. Tyga released his first studio album in June 2008 independent called No Introduction. Have your heard it? Recently the hommie released his second album on February 21, 2012. Did you buy it? Unfortunately for the artist the album faced limited release and multiple release dates due to some technical problems but the album went on to sell 61000 copies in its first week with enormous digital downloads, so far the album has seen the god side of music reviewers.

Here is what I think

Looking at the album overall, it portrays the talent of the young artist in versatility, the album at first glance was a nice balance of strip club anthems, with new rap songs like Rack City and more lyrically serious tracks such as Love Game.
Interestingly his opening new rap songs focuses on his early life, and again Tyga is able to bring forth his rapping talent with an interesting and catchy beat, that ties it all up together into a beautiful opening track. The has skills!
In another nice new rap songs earlier on in the album, the rapper is able to speak inspirationally on leaving his old life behind, breaking free from his past and emerging gloriously into a future of fortune and fame. In the next new rap songs on the album, “for the fame” the young rapper speaks about his newly found success and all the fame and fortune, claiming to make sure his girl is not in it just for the fortune and fame accompanying it.
Halfway into the album the artist dove into more superficial new rap songs and began rattling on about thing the average hip hop rapper sings about, money, girls and what not, one track in this category went on to feature in many charts and enjoyed incredible air play and popularity, and you probable guessed as much, “Rack City.” With this new rap songs Tyga, was able to spit out the ordinary extraordinarily, and what I mean by that was that he was able to rap about the vanities in modern day hip hop and get his audience to sing along with him, the new rap songs became one of the most popular in the album.
The rest of the album featured more down to earth and lyrically mature new rap songs like Love Game and a hit track, Let it Show, produced by Dre.
The entire album in my opinion is nothing mind blowing, lacks creativity but is full of talent. Tyga just repeated to us much of what we have heard before in one hip hop album or another.But hey the hommie is getting money. Do you think he will be relevant ten years from now?

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